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README for lsqrf90-v2

The software for LSQR (f90 version 2) is provided by SOL, Stanford University
under the terms of the OSI Common Public License (CPL):

24 Sep 2007: Version 2 of f90 files for LSQR.
             Separate modules are used for LSQR, example test problems,
             and Check routines for A and x.

             LSQR lives in lsqrModule.f90.
             Aprod1, Aprod2 (matrix-vector product routines) are in
             lsqrTestModule.f90.  This module illustrates how
             problem-specific data can be created for Aprod1, Aprod2
             even though LSQR calls them with a simple parameter list.
24 Sep 2007: f90 files available for download from SOL.

Maintained by Michael Saunders, SOL, Stanford University

LSQR (f90 version 2) involves the following files:

   lsqrblas.f90         (not needed if Level 1 BLAS are available)
   LSQR.txt             (example output file from an Intel Xeon system
                         compiled with g95 -r8 -O -g on Linux Redhat 9)

To compile the code and run the test program on Linux or Unix,
proceed as follows:

   Make                 (creates executable TestProgram)
   grep appears LSQR.txt

"LSQR  appears to be successful" should occur 18 times.
"LSQR  appears to have failed" might occur for the most
ill-conditioned problem, but this is not cause for alarm
if ||A'r|| is very small (~= 1e-12).
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