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Welcome to  LaTeX: \mathcal{W}\imath\kappa\imath mization :   a repository and resource for all things Optimization.

We welcome articles, research, speculation, biographies, homework solutions, and definitions in mathematical Optimization.

  • Feel free to edit existing material or make a new page in this Wiki.
    • Unprotected pages can be edited by pressing the edit tab at its top.
    • Protected pages require a login.
  • To make a new page, Search for the exact title you have in mind. Then click on your title under Search results.
    • Or press Go with the exact title you have in mind. Then press create this page.
  • You can simply type into a page as you would an email or blog, or copy your existing LaTeX replacing $ $ with <math> </math> (e.g., Farkas' lemma).
    • This Wiki understands HTML too; e.g., use <pre> </pre> to typeset a computer program (source code; e.g., Projection on Polyhedral Cone, Candes.m).
    • For detailed instructions (equation typesetting, fundamentals, special characters, foreign language, diacriticals, etc.), see How to Edit.
  • You may attach your name to your work, or remain anonymous, or reference your own optimization-related material existing elsewhere.
  • Contact a Bureaucrat to acquire Sysop status which provides page Delete and Protect buttons
    and other advanced features to thwart hacking and prevent editing of your work by non-Sysops.
    Sysop status can only be awarded by a Bureaucrat.
    • Contact a Bureaucrat to upload files that are prohibited by the Wikimization server.
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