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  • Here is an online creative outlet in Optimization called Wikimization;
    • An online repository for Optimization mathematics.
  • Wikimization's purpose is to provide a place on the web where knowledge about any sort of mathematical Optimization may be deposited;
  • It can also be a great place to create and collaborate on papers because this Wiki understands both LaTeX and HTML;
    • i.e., multiple authors can work on the same paper anywhere there is Internet access.
  • We hope to acquire the benefits of Wikipedia and eradicate its notorious faults:
    • The ability to enter mathematics in LaTeX is a plus, for example, while indiscriminate reversion by random adolescents is eliminated.
  • Here is a place you may disseminate ongoing research or established theory at any level from fundamental to esoteric:
    • definitive,
    • biographical,
    • historical,
    • or even speculative.
  • If desired, you may remain anonymous or establish ownership and authorship of your work.
    • A history buffer under the History tab for each page shows author (if you logged in) and date of each entry. By pressing Compare Selected Versions, one can see what changes were made to a document all the way back to inception. In this way, authors may claim conception of a particular idea.
  • If desired, you may Protect pages from further edits by becoming a Sysop. (Contact Dattorro.)
  • If desired, you may also Delete your own pages after having acquired Sysop status.
  • We hope this Wikimization site becomes as valuable to students as it is to scholars or professionals, engineers and academics.
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